The Story

Parookaville is a city that comes to life once a year, to celebrate the joy of life.

It tells the story of time traveler and architect Bill Parooka who has never been mentioned in any history book. No one has ever seen him in real life. But a couple of years ago some of his followers, the Billders, found some drawings created by his vision: CELEBRATE THE JOY OF LIFE.

So they began to spread his vision and built up a beautiful city. A city where Billders and all kinds of people come together to escape everyday life and to dive into an utopian world to keep the legend of Bill Parooka alive.


The heart of PAROOKAVILLE and central drop-in center for all questions. Here you will get your PAROOKAVILLE Passport for free and this year’s stamp to become a citizen of PAROOKAVILLE. Moreover there’s the daily PAROOKAVILLE Post and the official Lost & Found office. After the festival, the lost property will be handed over to the lost & found office in the city of Weeze.

Post Office

This is a historical institution to carry the message of PAROOKAVILLE into the world.
Send postcards to the loved ones at home.


In the Boutique there is the new merchandise Collection 2018 of PAROOKAVILLE. Wether you would like to have a souvenir afterwards, the best festival look ever during PAROOKAVILLE or just need a new shirt after sweaty raves you will find a large selection of clothes and accessories. 


Parooka Church

“Will you marry me?” Yes? Then off to the Warsteiner Parooka Church and get married to your loveliest girlfriend, boyfriend or simply with both. This church is free of conventions and religion.

For this, you’ll get the official marriage certificate from PAROOKAVILLE.


For cooling-down between the raves our 700 square meter open air swimming pool is available. Show your best water moves and ad the PAROOKAVILLE swimming award stamp to your PAROOKAVILLE Passport.


PAROOKAVILLE has a special jail. If you want to get tattooed a lasting reminder by the imprisoned tattoo artists, you should definitely arrange an appointment on-site. Get arrested by Art Makia – stamp inklusive!

Bill Parooka

In the heart of PAROOKAVILLE you will find the humongous monument of the founding father Bill Parooka. The statue of 7m hight overlooks its whole legacy.
As a citizen you have the possibility to perpetuate yourself in the base of the statue and thus become a part of the legend.


At the Boulevard you can find yourself “shopping” all day long. Floral wreath, the bank of PAROOKAVILLE, the Boutique with ist merchandise, a radiostation and a Jägermeister bar.

City Forest

The beautiful city forest in the centre of PAROOKAVILLE invites you to relax a bit. There is a coffee bar, hanging mats, Gauloises, various art objects and light installations that allow you to immerse yourself in a fantastic world and forget about everything for a while.

Another premiere this year is “The golden Roof”. The restaurant with panorama view on the mainstage offers you a 6-course-menu cooked by the star cook Björn Freitag and turnes into a beautiful sky bar with an amazing view over the ocean of people after 23:00h. Due to the high demand of Björn Freitag’s amazing kitchen we strongly recommend to make a reservation in advance to enjoy the unbelievable atmosphere in the sky in front of the mainstage. We are not able to guarantee a box office.


Beauty Farm

The beauty salon of the city – get your hair done, your clothes pimped and find your perfect festival look powered by Deichmann.


MYPD Police

At the PAROOKAVILLE police station the Moskovskaya Parooka Patrol is looking for the craziest festival stories. Adhere to the law: Celebrate the joy of life!